This course is for certified open water diver to expand scuba experience through different adventure skills. There are total of 5 interesting adventure dives that you need to do. 2 out of the 5 adventure dives which is the Deep Adventure & Underwater Navigation are compulsory. You may choose another 3 adventure dives based on your interest such as:

  1. Fish Identification
  2. Drift Diving
  3. Multilevel & Computer Diving
  4. Night Diving
  5. Peak Performance Buoyancy
  6. Underwater Photography
  7. Wreck Diving
  8. many more….


The best part of this course?

NO theory session, NO quizzes, NO exam, Just pure SCUBA DIVING at its finest!

Duration: 2-3 days                        

Min. Age: 12 years old (Junior AOW)

What’s Next?: PADI Rescue Diver

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