Ohana means family. Everyone that comes and experienced Sea Voice Divers leaves as family. These are what some of our families say about us.

I visited Sea Voice Divers with my son (16), I needed a refresher and my son took the Open Water course. The team are really friendly, relaxed and professional. They made us feel welcome and we had a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who conveyed the course excellently. The dive centre is owned and run by locals and we preferred this aspect to one of the larger centres on the island. The dive equipment is relatively new, good quality and very well maintained. Sea Voice knew the best dive sites and we visited a few real gems. Many thanks guys, we have some wonderful memories.

Visited September 2017

Martin GB

Myself and 3 girl friends just completed our PADI open water certificate with Sea Voice divers. From the moment we walked into the centre we were greeted with friendly faces and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming. Our instructor was Sue who is just the best – for 4 girls who had done minimal diving she was so patient with us and never showed any signs of agitation. The rest of the staff were always there to help you if you needed any and always encouraged you to ask questions if you felt unsure of anything. The equipment was well kept and clean and so you felt comfortable and safe diving with it. The centre really did feel like one big family and after just a day of us diving most of the staff had learnt our names so it felt as if we had know them for ages. So in my opinion If you just want a chilled fun dive or you want to do your open water, choose Sea Voice because you will have the best time with them!

Visited September 2017

Amy Sullivan

Me and My girlfriend have just finished a open water course. The school is located in the quiet coral bay, 10 minutes walking from long beach, and it is right on the beach, 20 meters from the 2 school’s boats. The place in quite small compared to other scuba schools, so we found the teaching to be very professional and personal.

Visited September 2017


Sea Voice divers are awesome. I did a discovery dive first which was so easy and informative that i decided to complete the open water certification. Thanks to all the staff who made the few days very fun and relaxing especially nick my instructor.

Visited October 2017

James D

Thank you guys for the great week I spent with you. It was the first time I come to Malaysia, and you made it perfect, it is with no doubt one of the best holidays I had in my life, all thanks to you. When you come to the shop, you feel like you’re with family, and you can feel that you guys are really passionate with your job, the open water lectures were made easy with Sha, since she can answer every question with passion, I hope all my professors were like her . The fun dives were so entertaining with Sue and Aqua, thank you guys for all the advices and all the care that you take for the divers and for the respect of the environment that you transmit. Our group was just coming every morning to the shop, and spends the whole day there, so warm place and so welcoming. Finally thank you Mandy for all the joy that you bring to the place. I’ll return back to France but I’ll be definitely coming back to Perhantian island to dive with you again!

Visited August 2016

Tayeb M

What a great diving school and what a warm welcome!! They treated us like family. We and our 2 teenage boys have been diving with them for 4 days. Two of us did their advanced open water. Sharifah and her staff are wonderful and very professional. All the diving equipment is completely new. They pay a lot of attention to the briefing before you start diving. We had so much fun with them. After diving they took us to a nice spot on the island where we had fun together. They paid a lot of attention to our kids, which was great. Coral bay, where the diving school is located, is the best to stay. Especially with kids. It is small and cozy. Long beach is busier. You are definitely making a good choice when diving with Sea Voice divers. Thanks Sharifah, Sue, Kib, Qua, Yoe and the rest for the great time we have had with you!!

Visited August 2016

Cecilia V

2I’ve just come back from diving with these guys and I can’t recommend them highly enough! I did my refresher dive while my girlfriend did her first discovery dive and she enjoyed it so much that she went on two more dives! Our dive master Sue was so incredible – really friendly, knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher – and we were both very sad to say goodbye. As well as providing a top quality diving experience (also considerably cheaper than the others we spoke to on the island) Sea Voice also really made us feel at home – every time we walked by we ended up popping in for a chat with Chepah and a tea with the gang!

As a group they were an excellent dive school with a strong eco-friendly message, but individually they were the warmest, coolest people you can ever hope to meet! Their website says “everyone walks in as a customer but leaves as family” – which couldn’t be more true.

I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting them all again on another adventure!

Thanks again guys,

Nick and Camille

Visited August 2016

Nick R

I did a refresher session and 2 fun dives at Sea Voice and couldn’t bear to leave these amazing folks. Sea Voice has a very down to earth culture – no pretences, no discrimination, very inclusive, fun atmosphere, yet very importantly, are serious, responsible, diligent about the whole diving education. I actually managed to learn additional stuff during the refresher and have calmed down significantly pre-dive. I didn’t take any course with them but I could tell how professional the instructors were. Sharifa, one of the instructor, related how not everyone was born a water baby and it was perfectly alright to do a skill a few times to get it right. It made me want to do my advance with them but unfortunately I did not have enough time. Sea Voice also has very good and well maintained equipments. They looked and smelled new! The crew also bothered to hang out for dinner… In fact we can really hang out all day long! I have not dived at that many places.. just Tioman (Malaysia), Koh Tao (Thailand) but my best experience would go to Sea Voice Divers at Perhentian! Already missing the whole crew, diving experience and island life there! Thank you for the awesome experience and I highly recommend everyone to go to Sea Voice!

Visited September 2016


2I dived with SVD for 5 days and I can confirm that what has been said about them in the previous reviews are true.

1. They are serious about marine conservation

There are two things which I look out for when I choose a dive operator to dive with: conservation focus and training rigour. Since I did not take a course with SVD I could not comment much on the latter but I do know that they do place additional emphasis on buoyancy control in their OWD classes. As for the former, it is always heartening for me to see dive shops who have a strong environmental mission. It is encouraging to talk to Sha and she is so ever hungry to learn more about conservation.

They do organize marine (and beach) clean up dives from time to time and what I admire about this shop is that they will not hesitate to turn down divers who might do more harm than good during the conservation dives (such as poor buoyancy control leading to kicking of corals and silting out the bottom). They do this not for the publicity or profit but because they really love the environment and to this I salute them.

2. They treat their customers like family members

I went there as a solo traveler but I have never felt alone because the staff there are so hospitable. Of course profits matter to a business but you will never feel that they are out for your money there. They clearly prioritise their environmental mission and customer relations over profits. It is difficult to find a dive shop like this nowadays! I spent almost all my nights at the dive shop after their operating hours to have dinner together with the staff and they have also given me discounts on my dives. They also got rice packs for me so that I have something to eat in-between the day dives and I am touched and appreciative of all these things that they did for me.

3. They go all out to serve and are tremendously helpful

I forgot to bring my charger to the island and the staff there helped me to charge my power bank over night and even lent me a charger. I wanted to do a last dive on the day of my departure but did not want to wet my own equipment so they offered to let me use theirs at no additional cost. While I was out diving they took out a table and helped me dry my equipment under the sun. I did not expect this at all and was absolutely touched by their thoughtfulness. I only briefly mentioned that I left my line cutter in their BCD but they really went all out to look for it when the divers were back. There was this night when I was at the dive shop and it started raining heavily but they opened their office for me and let me take refuge in it so I won’t be cold. I have also witnessed multiple occasions where they went out of the way to fetch and send customers to their accommodation even though they did not have to.

Their hospitality and helpfulness do not just extent to their customers. During the night which rained, the boat from the dive shop next door drifted away and I saw them running in the rain to go and alert the staff from the other dive shop.

4. Their diving is relaxed and flexible

The dive schedule is rather flexible and you can request which dive sites you would like to visit. The dive team also gave me room to decide how I wanted to wear my equipment (be it in the water or on the boat) and I was given the liberty to drift a little away from the team so I can do what I needed to do (wouldn’t recommend this for everyone though!).

There may be a lot of things which seem small and insignificant but I do notice them and I think their good deeds deserve to be broadcasted. I cannot highly recommend SVD enough. If you are planning to dive on perhentian, do dive with SVD.

Thank you guys for the wonderful time and I certainly want to dive with you guys again. If not on perhentian then perhaps somewhere else in Southeast Asia. Do not be discouraged by what you are doing for the environment even if you do not see immediate results. You guys are definitely doing a great job. Keep up the good fight!

Visited September 2016


We arrived at perhentian Island in our Camp and we were immediatly recommended to go there so we did. At first just to check it out but before they even told is the price we knew that we wanted to go with them! All of the staff are so friendly! We started out with just 2 dives which quickly escalated in to about 8 dives! I have been to several dive shops but this is the first time that i actually made real friends in a dive shop. All of the staff lives there and love to hang out even though you are not diving. We spend so many hours at the dive shop because we wanted to! Overall just an incredible diving experience! We mainly dived with the instructor Sue, she was amazing but they all were very welcolming! Even the captains as well as the guys managing the shop!! This is definetly a place i would recommend for anyone! Amazing place and an amazing vibe! If you ever go to the perhentian Islands at least take a look! The shop isn’t located at the main beach which is really nice since that makes it way less crowded! Thank you so much Sea Voice for some amazing days!!

Visited September 2016

Andreas N