The guys at the shop picked me up from the chalet I was staying by boat at 8:30 and brought me there for fun diving in the morning. It was convenient that they picked me up. Otherwise, it would take 29 minutes walk to the shop. No other shop would do it, so that was a reason why I chose this shop. Moreover, I thought I made the right choice was people there. They all are great and friendly. So, I get there at 8:30 am and since they have a porch that we can hang out, I stay there till 7 pm, after sunset and everything. They have hammock to lay and chill, free tea and coffee, and people to chill with. The atmosphere was like a hostel many travelers would go by, since many divers from different countries are there. Of course, diving is good as well. They are flexible and you can tell them where you wanna go and they would at least try to go there. So it is good to tell them which site you prefer.  All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Visited September 2016

Tomoyuki E