4 days 3 night at perhentian kecil . I would like to introduce our sempoi instructor (Mohammad Firdaus) . When the briefing started, he seemed like a strict person. After our first dive, he turned out quite to be the friendly funny guy. We never stopped laughing with him hahaha. He’s steady, and he’s experienced when it comes to taking care of us. We had members in the group that had trouble equalizing , too excited looking at the compass until we lost our buddies, those who are stressed out about the coming exams, and those that are so excited that they developed cramps.. Kah kah kah . I miss this gang a lot. We’ve learned so much from Mr Firdaus. Thank you so much for sharing the underwater world with us. Not to forget the owner Chepah (Sharifah NoReedz Lim) who shared tonnes of experience, tips and life long lessons in diving. Thank you. All of you.

Translated from Bahasa Malaysia.

Amir Mahroii